CX-6 SMART Seeder™


The New Benchmark in Precision Seeding


6 Product Digital Metering

Finite control of up to six unique products.

6 Meters Per Row

Our proprietary Cushion Drive Digital Metering™ system is seamlessly monitored and controlled by SeedSync™ to ensure accurate and reliable metering of your products. Both systems work in unison to ensure that correct rates are applied to each opener at all times including when turning corners or avoiding obstacles.

1:00 min
Per Product Calibration

Take Finite Control Of All Of Your Products


Row by Row Variable Rate


Whether you are running flat rate across your fields or utilizing HD field prescriptions, the SMART Seeder™ with its unique variable rate delivery system, applies precise rates for up to six different products, independently at each opener over the span of the entire drill.


Each Row Is An Independent 6 Product VR Drill


Full Wireless Control

Long Range Wireless Capability. Freedom to move.
up to

The SMART Seeder™ creates its own on board wireless network using commercial grade Class 1 Bluetooth bandwidth. This proven bandwidth delivers consistent reliable wireless communications (up to 300 feet) between the individual Cushion Drive™ Digital Meters, the main control hub and the operator’s tablet running our SeedSync™ software.

Calibrate and monitor your SMART Seeder™ systems from anywhere inside a 300' radius.


Powered By Seedsync™

Take Command of every square foot of every field.

The CX-6 SMART Seeder™ is wirelessly controlled via a tablet running our intuitive user friendly software system - SeedSync™. During seeding operations our proprietary SeedSync™ software automatically controls the precise delivery of high resolutions prescriptions or allows for individually customizable input control for all types of flat rate applications - simply calibrate and go.

Precision Flat Rate Delivery

Variable Rate HD Prescription Delivery


Accurate Turn Compensation

Unrivaled Accuracy When Turning or Avoiding Obstacles.
The SMART Seeder™ features drill wide turn compensation.  During a turn SeedSync™ and the SMART Meters™ make near constant adjustments to product rates on each opener row – drill wide. These adjustments included increasing or decreasing row by row metering speeds to maintain consistent input rates on the inside and the outside of the drill.  

True Overlap Protection

Automatic Individual Row Control Prevents Overlap.

As the SMART Seeder™ enters an area of overlap, each individual row automatically recognizes its relative position and turns the metering on and off as needed to avoid overlapping application of inputs.  SeedSync™ will notify the operator to make a pass adjustment.


High Resolution Prescriptions

Unleash the power of agronomy like never before.

The SMART Seeder™ combines precision with accuracy by delivering high resolution seed and fertilizer prescriptions down to the square foot across every row of the drill. The flawless integration of soil maps allows for maximum return on agronomic data and boosts production of every single furrow.

Merge variable rate agronomy with up to 6 individual products and you unlock the capability of placing single nutrients (or blending on the fly) accurately without losing efficiency at seeding. 

The Machine Is No Longer The Limitation


Unique Triple Shot Opener

Improved Nutrient Access. Maximum Seed Safety.

Our triple shot opener has the ability to precisely place products through any of its three apertures offering full time deep band, side band and paired row placements. Its unique design increases the volume of fertilizer that can be placed with the seed along with the added benefit of placing fertilizer deep (below the seed) all while maximizing seed safety.

Increasing seed safety has proven to increase emergence on sensitive crops like canola.

What Combination
Will You Choose?

Our opener gives distribution options for immobile nutrients like P to be placed near the seed in a separate band away from the seed and also separate from the rich deep N band.


Superior Furrow and Seed Placement

Unique Furrow and Placement creates a near perfect growing environment.

Our lead coulter and triple shoot opener have the ability to fracture soil below the furrow. This fracturing breaks up compaction, increases soil aeration and improves water infiltration. The end result is deeper rooting depths, better moisture storage and better drought tolerance.

Better in Dry Conditions

Superior moisture migration through pore spaces for better germination in DRY CONDITIONS.

Better in Wet Conditions

Increased moisture movement through soil. Enhanced water infiltration after rain, avoiding a saturation environment in WET CONDITIONS.

Velocity on-the-fly refill

Refilling Made Smarter. Virtually Eliminate Downtime.

The Clean Seed SMART Cart™ is a first of its kind product transfer system that refills the SMART seeder’s on-board tank on-the-fly.

Our SMART Cart™ carries up to six individual products to match the requirements of the SMART Seeder™ and simultaneously transfers all six products utilizing our patented pneumatic transfer technology - Velocity Fill System - virtually eliminating downtime to the seeding operation.


Seeding Logistics Redefined

Unique Design. Improved Seeding Operation Efficiency.

We designed our SMART Cart™ to be linked as a B-Train and transported down the highway back to the yard for filling; reducing the need for multiple trucks, semi-trailers, tenders, augers, conveyors and additional operational man power to carry seed and fertilizer to the drill.

Furthermore, the SMART Cart™ also aids in cleaning out the SMART Seeder™ when switching from one crop to another by transferring the remaining product out of the drill and back into the cart.

Current Technology vs. Smart Seeder™

  Current Air Seeders CX-6 Smart Seeder™
Flawless integration with soil maps
Plant level metering at each opener
6 product handling capability
Turn compensation for non-linear travel
Fully electronic
Wireless in-cab controls
Seed bounce
Inconsistent product placement
Uniform distribution
On-the-go refilling

Video Interview:
“Clean Seed designs easy
adjusted metering.”

By Robin Booker

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